With a twelve-year track record, the management of P&C International has the experience and know-how to make trade shows a success for exhibitors. We provide turn-key solutions for exhibitors abroad : so they can focus on their business while we handle the rest. It will also increase their opportunities and so their profitability.

P&C International coordinates exhibitor presence on the selection of trade shows and advises on others trade shows matching with specific Business export objectives. We follow up from start to completion and make sure to meet our 4 objectives:


1. Facilitate your exhibition

Turnkey stand with your country identity, pre-show and onsite assistance, translator, stand building, freight forwarding, drivers, hostesses, hotels… We can arrange anything for your show.

2. Highlight your visibility

Privileged location. Fully branded design highlighting your nation with pavilion as well as your brand awareness. Guide distributed to all the visitors of the show. Pavilion press release sent to more than 100 media before and during the show, sponsorship offers.

3. Optimize the visits to your booth

B to B meetings. Government liaison. Market analysis. Delegations and VIP coordination. Network events. Follow up your leads.

4. Help you benefit special rates

We optimize your costs in mutualizing and negotiating for the pavilion group on the volume (hotels, freight forwarding…), share storage and lounge.

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