DSE 2021



Vietnam is one of the most stable and fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia and has seen some of the largest increases in military expenditures in the region within the past decade. Between 2005 and 2014, Vietnam’s military spending increased nearly 400 percent with acquisition efforts to enable its Armed Forces to address its growing defense and security requirements. These efforts have resulted in significant investments in the defense and security budgets, in the areas of air power projection, naval surface and subsurface capabilities and the army streamlining and modernizing rapidly to improve its overall defense readiness.

The next edition of DSE VIETNAM will take place in October 2021 (Date TBC) at the International Center of Exhibition in Hanoi (Vietnam).

P&C International has been officialy appointed to recruit and coordinate American companies at DSE VIETNAM. Therefore there will be a U.S. Pavilion at DSE Vietnam.

Exhibiting in our national pavilion really increase the benefits of your exhibition:

  • Prime location

  • US flag highlighted with our stand design

  • VIP and delegation coordination

  • Press release spread toward the National and International press

  • US pavilion Catalogue with the description of your offer distributed to every visitor

  • Admin coordination and support onsite

  • Costs optimisation shared meeting room, storage, coffee and fridge

  • Bilingual Hostess at your disposal

  • Turn key stand including furniture and electricity



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Objectives of DSE VIETNAM

DSE Vietnam 2019 is aimed at bringing together : Key officials, Decision makers, Vietnam’s Ministry of Defense (MOD), Ministry of Public Security (MPS), Vietnam People’s Armed Forces (VPAF) & Vietnamese defense and security industries.

All these decision makers will come to meet and network with exhibitors coming from all around the world.

Defense and Security Expo Vietnam 2019 (DSE VIETNAM 2019) has been launched to meet the requirements of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) comprising the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Border Defence Force, Coast Guard, and the Public Security Forces responsible for the national and community police units.

About the Vietnamese market:

The Stockholm International Peace Institute has noted that Vietnam’s defense expenditure in 2016 to have exceeded US$5 billion. This is expected to reach US$6.2 billion by year 2020 and to increase on a high growth trajectory in the following years.

Vietnam's defense budget has consistently been above 2.6% of GDP, the second highest in ASEAN after Singapore, demonstrating its strong commitment to modernize and enlarge its defense and security capabilities. Its defense and security market has significant growth potential, offering real export opportunities for International Defence OEM’s and integrators.

The VPA and Public Security Forces are rapidly modernizing their forces and weapon systems to address contemporary and future defense and security challenges, resulting in a wide range of requirements and acquisitions, including: Armored Vehicles and Tanks • Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Weapons • Self-propelled and towed tube and rocket artillery • Surface and Sub-Surface Fleets including Frigates and Corvettes • Anti-Ship Batteries • Anti-submarine Warfare • Maritime and EEZ Patrol/Surveillance • Coastal Defenses • Air Defense Systems • Combat and Transport Aircraft • Medium-lift Helicopters • Combat Aircraft Avionics • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • C4ISR Systems • Law Enforcement • Armored Personnel Carriers • Armored VIP Vehicles • Security Systems • Border Security & Control • Optics & Optronics


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  • Vietnam, strategically located in the East Sea is the world’s 10th largest arms importer, and ranked number one in Southeast Asia over the past five years (2012-2016) by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 

  • Vietnam’s domestic defense production capabilities are relatively limited and in small-scale and technologically inferior and, as a result, it generates opportunities for overseas suppliers and manufactures.

  • Vietnamese Defense Market: $5 billion in 2017.

  • The country’s military budget is expected to climb to $6.2 billion by the year 2020.

  • Maritime opportunities : Vietnam is concentrating on modernizing its maritime capabilities and in 2011 they issued a detailed maritime strategy for 2011-2020, making the protection of maritime sovereignty and the maritime economy key national security pillars.

  • American opportunities: The country’s defense industry is largely dominated by Russians but European suppliers have recently entered the market through direct commercial sales and some U.S suppliers have entered through Foreign Military Sales (FMS).